Snake XT

Snake XT 1.4

Revisit an old classic with this Snake port for iPhone


  • Great graphics and sound
  • Two fun game modes
  • High scores


  • Awkward control system
  • No save game facility


Snake XT is a graphically-rich iPhone version of the addictive game that takes the gameplay of the classic mobile phone title to a new level.

If you're one of those people who used to spend more time playing Snake on your Nokia brick phone than you did making calls then check out this modern take on the old classic.

There are two different game modes in Snake XT: arcade and challenge. Arcade mode is set over 28 levels of increasing difficulty, with changes in terrain, obstacles and baddies as you progress. Challenge mode is a straight-out battle to get your snake as long as possible, in the same way as the original Nokia game.

In terms of its presentation, Snake XT is a world away from that blocky, black-on-green game of yesteryear. The graphics in this one are bold and bright, the animation is slick, and the sound effects and music are incredible.

Snake XT utilizes the touchscreen for its control system, and in my opinion the developer hasn't got it quite right. I found the touchscreen approach adopted to be way too cumbersome. The fact that your hand is inevitably hiding some part of the screen at all times gets annoying, and I think Snake XT would have benefited from some kind of accelerometer-based tilting controls.

That said, Snake XT is still good fun to play, especially for fans of the original mobile game.

Fixed a minor bug


  • Fixed a minor bug
Snake XT


Snake XT 1.4

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  • by Anonymous

    chilling with the snake.
    love this game. I will be world record holder of snake when the global score board come...   More